The estate “Tenuta di Poggio Adorno”, near Pisa

Santa Croce sull'Arno, PI, Tuscany, 56029, Italia



10 Bedrooms

10 Bathrooms

Parking spaces

The Tenuta di Poggio Adorno is located in Santa Croce sull’Arno and consists of a magnificent Villa built in Renaissance style in the second half of the seventeenth century, by two farm buildings, a granary, a lemon-House, a Woodshed and a church with chapel frescoed. The total area is about 4,500 sqm Villa, the estate was built on a pre-existing tower by Domenico Guerrini, whose remains testify in the coat-of-arms at the top of the entrance. Named “Villa di Poggio Adorno” for lush vegetation that welcomes, bears the name of families vectors and Bargagli who owned them. One in particular, the Marchioness Maria Octavia Vectors Parker made it a meeting place for artists and writers. Not surprisingly here lived the painter macchiaiolo Cristiano Banti, a native of Santa Croce sull’arno, which had found in the Marquise an important patron.

The Villa of Poggio Adorno is on three floors and view a special care. The ground floor is occupied by a large living room with a stone fireplace with two rooms: the first is a very refined, originally a chapel, while the second is a small living room connected to a bathroom. Attention to detail is the dressing room, adorned with a tapestry in Oriental motifs.
What is really great is the main floor, which is accessed through two flights of stairs in sandstone turn into fights. The main lounge, complete with a balcony overlooking the Valley from which one can see the towers of San Mianiato, has walls entirely painted with trompe l’oeil depicting the surrounding landscape. The effect of dematerialization of the walls is very impressive and is repeated in what is probably the most curious of the villa. The living room leads, in fact, in the alleged room of Cristiano Banti, who probably intervened in decorative painting.

The grounds of the estate is very broad and includes gardens and orchards, English garden, natural lake, vineyards and olive groves for a total of 45 hectares.
What strikes you most and which can be seen at its best from the upper floors is the Italian garden which is located on the back.
Leaving a door hidden by plants and walking along the external circuit of the wall is decorated with an old boxwood hedge, you will reach a “Labyrinth”. The path that winds through a forest of Oaks, is bounded by low hedges of Laurel and leads to the “hermit’s cave”, San Benigno, protector of young women in marriageable age and whose remains are preserved in the chapel of villa.


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