The southernmost island of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

For the photo: Marco Solari Images, LimpetDrone

We are in Tuscany, just in front of the southern coast of the Maremma. 11 kilometers of reefs, an island 5 km long and 500 meters wide, scented with Mediterranean scrub from rare and protected species, surrounded by a crystalline blue sea characterized by an important presence of fish and molluscs.

This is Giannutri, a small precious jewel near the best known Isola del Giglio, facing the coast of Monte Argentario.

The island is inhabited by a few dozen people and can be reached from Porto Santo Stefano in about 1 hour by ferry. Mainly made of rocky walls, it offers two landing points which are also the two most popular beaches: Cala Maestra and Cala Spalmatoio.

Activities for everyone

Giannutri is suitable for those seeking total immersion in nature and offers activities for all tastes: from simple swimming in an uncontaminated place to the possibility of tackling trekking routes that allow you to reach the highest points of the island and enjoy unforgettable panoramas . Just for next Saturday, a day dedicated to discovering the so-called Island of the Moon was organized. more information In addition, you can make splendid diving and snorkeling courses to discover the numerous caves that populate the coast.

A dive into history.

If you decide to go to Giannutri Island, you cannot avoid visiting the remains of the splendid Roman villa, which belonged to the Domizi-Enobarbi, Nero’s family.

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