What do you think if I say: SEA?

When you think about the sea, the Summer immediately comes to mind, but for that I’m sorry, there’s still time.

That’s why today I’m going to tell you about the sea that is not seen in the travel photos of August, which is not synonymous with open-air aperitifs, beach parties and fleeting loves.

I talk to you about what happens when I open the window of my bedroom every morning.

To give me a good morning there is this, the intense blue of the water on the horizon, that blue that turns turquoise slowly approaching the coast.
The sea breeze, the sun, the clean air to breathe deeply are the best start of the day you could wish for.

Even those who usually have a busy life, can’t refuse a breakfast on their terrace, or a lunch under the Spring or Autumn sun. Imagine the tranquility of reading a book near the sea on milder days or imagine yourself in your home watching a movie, in the heat, while outside the window, the sun or the moon reflect on the water.

Let’s not forget the ease of reaching the beach, to experience a moment of deep relax, alone or in company, in every season.
In Monte Argentario you can take wonderful walks without having to get too far from home. Maybe you want to go to the square, walk along the promenade and live in the villages, or maybe look for something more isolated. Here you will find everything you need.
Even in winter, when the thermometer hardly reaches 0 °, it will be pleasant to enjoy the hot hours of the day near the water, with the sun that accompanies you.

A house by the sea will allow you all this, Monte Argentario will allow you all this.
A luxury, whether you live there all year, or you want to get away for a few days from the city to get in touch with nature and with yourself.

Are you looking for a seaview home?

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